Foresight, Insight and Inspiration

Associating disparate things in all new ways in order to come up with novel combinations unlocks major and hidden potential. But that requires finding and connecting the dots, in other words associative thinking, bringing the need for lots of research and learning. Many people ask me the question things I follow in the internet; to get ideas, foresights and inspiration. There are lots of great articles and research that I try to follow weekly ( yes, I have a dedicated time weekly) to go thru them and consume as much as I can. Based on the questions, I started to consolidate them under one list, hope it helps. I am sure there are more to follow, so please let me know the things you recommend.

Future / Innovation

Statistics /Trends

Start-Up World:

News Outlets:

Idea Festivals:


What do you follow to get your foresights, insights and inspirations?